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Escape with Me


 Are you viewing my page from the shores of a private beach in Kauai and realizing how immaculate I'd look running into the water in my itty-bitty blue bikini or putting together the perfect vacation to Mykonos and wondering who better to tour the traditional cycladic blue houses and beaches with? Perhaps you're rounding up a hectic day at work wishing my pretty smile and stunning body is the first thing you see when you open your door?

Well despair no more, your luxury travel companion is closer to you than ever. Matter of fact, I'm stepping off my plane armed with an apple and my luggage, ready to get into the car and haul ass to you so we don't have wait to be in each others arms much longer.


  • 6 hours | 3000 (Available only for trips 2 hours or less by land or air)

  • Overnight or all day | 4500 or 5000 (preferred)

  • 24 hours | 6000

  • 48 hours | 9000 (+4000 for each additional day)

  • Over 48 hours | Inquire*

It's important to note;

  • The rates listed are not inclusive of airfare and accomodation.

  • I'm available for Domestic and International travel.

  • Whilst Business or First class airfare is always appreciated, it is Mandatory for trips 3 hours or longer. I ask that a gift card for the airline of choice be sent so I can book the trip myself.

  • Screening will be extensive for new friends requesting travel, please provide me with the necessary information for my safety.

  • Ample notice and a 50% deposit of the agreed donation is required.

  • Subscribe to my newsletter to get updates on when I'll be in your city.

VOILA! I'm on my way to you!

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