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Curated Wishes

I always say pleasing me is the easy part, impressing me is the task. For the lover who wants to go above and beyond I have curated a wishlist using a company that makes gifting so much easier. 

Every item on it I hand selected and I'm sure I can think of more than a couple of ways to show my gratitude.

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If you're looking to surprise me then here is some information and a few of my favourites to help you dazzle me.

Colours : Red > Yellow > Purple > Pink

Fruits: Pineapple and Watermelon

Flowers: Red or Yellow Roses, Peonies

Number: 8 / Even and prime numbers

Dresses: US Size 0/2 - UK size 2/4 -Size XS

Blouses: Size XS

Waist: size 23

Trousers: Size 1

Bras: Size 32c

Panties and thongs: Size XS or 1

Shoe: Size 10.5

Brands: Chanel - Dior - Cartier - Jimmy Choo

Lingerie Brands: Agent Provocateur - Studio Pia - For love and lemons

Dress me down with Bordelle, Agent Provocateur or Studio Pia sets or gift cards.

Dress me Up with Aritzia, Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus gift cards.

Fund my day to day and hobbies with Amazon or Target gift cards.

Encourage my love of Travel with Delta or Uber giftcards.

Let the lady have her flowers with Social flowers or Venus et Fleur .

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